Rodolfo Diaz

Never been to a city, where strangers were openly interested in me making portraits of them, like that of the folk in Baltimore. These recent three posts, were taken last Saturday (04/12/14) in Baltimore, Maryland.
Last Saturday in Baltimore
Last Saturday in Baltimore
Last year we crossed paths on bicycle, and you told me I couldn’t wheelie better than you, and I agreed that you were certainly correct, but I guaranteed you I was much quicker. Our bravado eventually gave in and opened room for light discussion. I remember asking you what your plans were for the near future, and you told me you were going to hustle hard at the Arabber Stable, so you could save up to purchase a dirt bike and hopefully become a 12 O’Clock Boy. 
This is T, a pigeon racer, from West Baltimore.
Mandy Stauffer at Rockaway Beach, 2013
Rockaway Beach, 2013
Zach Lewis 
I wish Denmark wasn’t so far.
I’ll probably never be the dad my old folks expect of me, but I certainly love being an Uncle. My nephew, otherwise known as my Padawini, photographed along the Appalachian Trail.